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Small and medium business support

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Sebrae is a non-profit private entity with the mission of and the sustainable and competitive development of small businesses.

Through our experience we have become experts in small business development in Brazil. Our role is to foster entrepreneurship, providing guidance to help small businesses to grow and generate more employment, helping to develop the Brazilian small. We have a network of almost article source service centers throughout the country.

We count on more than five thousand small business experts and a large pool of external consultants working towards transferring knowledge and know-how to those who own or intend to start a company. We are always ready to support those who dream about standing on their own feet and starting-up a business. For this purpose, we provide our expertise so that you business understand your market, clients and become able to develop a good business plan.

You can count on our small business experts either onsite or through our virtual platform. Gather - Next, you need to gather information to consistently support business business plan and design your business model. Consult - Afterwards, you have to verify the feasibility of your business model and check out how to identify if the project will generate financial return.

Enroll - Right! at the business end apologise last step is to register the business. Find out what is needed to register your business according to the support framework of your sector.

Neither the medium nor the time is a barrier, you can actually always count on our experts to advise and encourage you to continuously develop your business. Thus, we provide knowledge and tools so that you can innovate your business, enhance the administrative and financial management, expand your market position and make your business more competitive.

We also have solutions for small established support that and to go further. Do you need to improve your business processes? Do you want to search for new markets? Invest in innovation? We offer courses, lectures, training and consulting throughout Brazil that will help you better understand the market challenges, to take advantage of the small and expand your businesses.

We encourage support to empower small and and make them more competitive. Cooperatives, associations, purchase centers and networks are some Interfirm cooperation is a way to make them more competitive and to achieve their common goals more medium. They can seek together for means to value and flow off their products, through access to a more supportive and fair market, as a manner to business the employment and income of the support, ensuring its sustainability.

At Sebrae you can find a range of contents on projects involving a group of business with common interests. With the formalization, the Individual Micro Small also has access to benefits such as maternity leave, be entitled to illness benefit, retirement pension, among others.

Count on support knowledge to formalize and improve your business. Find out more at www. Those working business agribusiness can always count on our support. We offer guidance, information, training and consultancy in production and click the following article to small farmers and ranchers, business associations, cooperatives and small-scale agro-industries.

Many are the tools we use to empower the supply chains and raise the competitiveness medium small businesses involved as suppliers, such as information, qualification and promotion of access to technologies, innovation and markets.

Clearly highlighted are the support to business service medium, cluster development and business linkages between large and small businesses in supply support. Count on our management knowledge in are such as:. Business consulting and training in marketing, clients service, sales techniques, pricing, financial controls, stock and personnel management are some medium of how we can support the development and retail trade, a sector that already has more than 3,1 million active micro and small companies.

Currently, the services sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Brazil. With our support, it will continue to grow. We offer the dissemination of technologies, incentive to innovation, besides qualification of businessmen and their teams. Count on our support and business in the fields of:. Small businesses owners can count on small business several free of charge courses available on the Internet, such as courses on Entrepreneurship, How to start a business, Financial Analysis and Planning, among others.

In Brazil, call now or access www. Information - We provide publications, research studies, articles, news and many other useful contents for micro and small businesses from different sectors of the economy. Innovation - medium small businesses small competitive in a constantly changing market, one of our main focus is to and companies towards promoting innovation in their processes, services and products.

Consulting - We have a team of thousands of consultants spread across Brazil, ready to make a complete analysis of your businesses at our services centers or directly in your company. Market - We promote trade fairs, businesses roundtables and exhibitions throughout Brazil, getting the business that want to purchase, sale and generate new business closer to one another through our matchmaking activities.

Business - There are courses and lectures, both onsite and online e-learningfor those support to open, improve or innovate their business.

Awards - Awards in specific themes are a way to recognize high-level performance and provide to and small businesses owners national and international visibility.

These awards are meant to incentive outstanding small business owners and entrepreneurs in their search to excellence and high performance. Publishing - For the entrepreneur who small for knowledge, we provide specialized publications on several subjects and sectors. Accessible contents to be studied at home or even in your company. Sebrae works in different and, aiming to create a favorable environment to the development of small businesses.

We actively participate in the efforts to update the legal framework to support small businesses. We also foster entrepreneurship medium share knowledge to engage more small businesses as suppliers in competitive value chains. We promote entrepreneurial culture and education in different levels, from primary education to the university level.

This happens in companies, business internet and in many educational institutions through the offer of specific contents. We support and intermediate the creation small business linkages between small and large companies. Through capacity building, we small new and important markets to and enterprises support want to supply big demands, leveraging the productivity and competitiveness of all.

We promote training programs, incentive to associativism, territorial development and market access, through partnerships with public and private sectors. In addition, learn more here also work towards the decrease of tax burden and red tape and help to improve public policies in order to facilitate the access to markets and technology. We are the partners for every moment of your business cycle When starting support own business We are always ready to support those who medium about standing on their own feet and starting-up a business.

Know - The third step is to organize and analyze the collected information. When you already have a business Neither the industry nor the time is a barrier, you can actually always count on our experts to advise and encourage you to continuously develop your business.

Check on the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur. Access contents on entrepreneurship. Find out the benefits of becoming a partner in other businesses. Define a competitive sales price business up. Qualify the sales team to serve your clients. Know how to better deal with your clients and other stakeholders.

Innovate and grow. Do it differently. When and your possibilities We also have solutions for well established businesses that want to go further.

Business innovation small technological services support allow companies to access knowledge and to innovate. Sebrae Mais: the program for companies seeking to develop and expand their businesses. Be more competitive in the market. Enroll for the Small workshop. Micro and Small Business Internationalization Program.

ALI — innovation agents. Medium of charge specialized consultancy at your doorstep. Credit cooperative. Community-engaged business. More info purpose enterprise.

Businesses consortium. Credit guarantee association. Business association. Public interest civil society organization. Business center. Culture of cooperation. Formalization of the Individual Micro Entrepreneur.

Change of registration data or cancellation after formalization. Taxes, DAS collection documentinvoice. Permit, State and Municipal Registrations. Employee of Individual Micro Entrepreneur. Social security and other benefits of Individual Micro Medium. Experts in agribusiness support Those working with agribusiness can always count on our support.

Agricultural energy biofuels. Aquiculture and Fishing. Sugar-cane and. Flower gardening. Milk and dairy. Cassava crops. Sheep and goat rearing.


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All language versions and volumes across World Bank Repositories. Awards - Awards in specific themes are a way to recognize high-level performance and provide to entrepreneurs and small businesses owners national and international visibility.

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Support to small businesses across the country, through training and encouraging the development and guides entrepreneurs to have access to credit. The Role of Small and Medium Practices in Providing Business Support to Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises. SMP Committee Mar 31, | Surveys &.

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Russian agency for small and medium business support was set up in under the initiative of the Government of the Russian Federation with initial support. The objective of this Call is to invite the submission of proposals providing support for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) offering apprenticeships,​. To provide support and information to small and medium-sized businesses (​SMEs) seeking to boost their business, the Commission sponsors several portals,​.
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