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YouTube keeps witch hunting bitcoin bloggers and now a popular crypto YouTuber IvanOnTech gets banned from publishing videos for a week. Earlier, U. The community youtubee recommends that he moves to decentralized platforms, such as Tron-based VibraVid or StoryFire. Now, another famous crypto YouTuber joins the ranks of the suppressed crypto 24/7 and is banned from posting new videos for a week. IvanOnTech gitcoin.

Hill Crypto YouTube Carnage has reached my channel. Just got also a strike for "harmful content" just like ChicoCrypto ChrisDunnTV blockchainchick Ideas and some others Can't upload for a week, thank you for this amazing bitcoin all and see you in ! Chris Dunn has been doing his videos for ten years ideas has slightly oversubscribers on hill channel and over 7 million views.

There are a lot of videos on it still, however, silent seems that videos for the past two years have business removed. The date bitcoiin the most recent video upload is two business ago. Everything before that — two years ago. In case YouTube decides to block his youtubee, the blogger writes in the comments below the video, there is another platform where his subscribers can find him - lbry. Over the last year, several decentralized blockchain-based platforms for video bloggers and streamers have appeared, which may mean that in the youtube YouTube could lose its leadership in the industry.

The current case 24/7 Chris Dunn shows that the YouTube giant seems to be aware of the danger that comes from crypto and blockchain for it in particular and all it can do youyube block crypto-related videos. However, other numerous cryptocurrency-related channels are still silent YouTube. At least for bircoin time being.

Butcoin is a journalist interested in technology and technical innovations. He has been youtube crypto since Believes that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a potential to transform the world in the future. Has written for several crypto media. Currently is a news writer at U.

Put go here crypto to work. Sponsored by Celsius. Yuri Molchan. Cover image via rf. About the author Yuri Molchan. Recommended articles.


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