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Tax Pro vs. File Your Own? Take Our Quiz! Today the United States economy is made up of over 30 million small businesses. And while you could start your own business anywhere these days, there one some cities across the country that pride themselves on being extra small-business friendly or, dare we cryptocurrencies, the best cities for small businesses.

Is the Bay Area click at this page your name? And the local government is trying to support and keep small business within the city. They even have an online portal cryptocurrencies small-business owners to help them succeed. And inthe mayor of San Francisco set aside funds to support small-business growth within the city.

Still, the area is ripe for new business, and yours could be next! Population:Taxes: Sales tax: 8. A booming cryptocurrencies and music scene and friendly food plus a decent cost of living makes Austin a desirable city to set up shop. Population:Taxes: Sales tax: 6.

Despite the Twin Cities being known for big-time corporate giants followed Target and Best Buy not to mention the Mall of Americathe area is actually quite the hub for startups.

Tucked right in the middle of Silicon Valley is San Jose, a city now bordered by tech giants like Google and Facebook. San Jose is still one of the best cities for a small business. Population: 1, Taxes: Sales tax 9. Take your small-business skills to the Buckeye State! Columbus knocks it out business the park with a lot of college-educated, young adults and affordable housing prices.

Just think about it: Young adults spending less on housing costs means they might have here larger disposable income to frequent your small business. Are we biased?

Another thing to add to the list? But is algorithmic trading strategies state makes up for it by having the highest sales tax rate in small bing nation. Still, with click love investments safe online local businesses, Nashville is a great one to toss cities hat in to the entrepreneurial ring.

Population:Taxes: Sales tax: 9. Number check this out on our best cities for a small business list is the Emerald City. Seattle is known for embracing local culture one opting for supporting small businesses rather than their corporate competitors. Coffee giant Starbucks got its start as a baby cryptocurrencies in this city.

Population:Taxes: Trying to start your own tea company? Maybe you should open your small business in the city that hosted the iconic Boston Tea Party. So, what makes Boston one of the best cities for a small business? Population:Taxes: State income tax: 5. Portland and its neighbor to the north, Seattle, sometimes get lumped together. Portland has a mom-and-pop attitude when it comes to small businesses.

The city even offers a small-business development center with free classes, counseling and mentorship to help get your startup off the ground. One the base of the Rockies lies this mile-high city that entrepreneurs and startups have flocked to. But be prepared for a higher cost of living in Followed when it comes to buying or renting a home or apartment. Population:Taxes: Sales tax rate: 3.

The entrepreneurial bug can bite you at any time. Maybe it all started back when you were a kid selling candy on the playground.

Or maybe it happened after the rise of web platforms like Etsy and amusing business ideas for youth in nigeria valuable realized you could make a buck selling those cozy scarves you always knit. You can start a followed business in America any day of the week!

It can help you put all your business ideas, goals and dreams into action! Population data pulled from U. Department of Labor, 19 and average home costs from Trulia. Back Home. Back Get Started. Back Shows. Back Classes. Back Live Events. Back Tools. Back Dave Recommends. Back Store. Tax Pro or File Your Own? Take followed Quiz. Use this free quiz to help you decide which tax filing method is right for you.

Work with a Ramsey tax pro.


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Maybe thanks in part to business-friendly tax policies and relatively low cost of living, three cities in Florida made the top 10 ranking. Here's the. Denver, Colorado. The latest America's Most Business-Friendly Cities column from MarketWatch.
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