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HBS Harvard Selections Get the perspectives and context you need to solve your toughest work problems with these immersive sets of real-world scenarios from Harvard Business School.

Managing Your Organization. You have an iconic product line. How can you expand your offering into new markets without undermining your brand uniqueness? Under Armour. Rory McDonald Clayton M. Christensen Daniel West Jonathan E. How does the company's iconic, affordable nylon handbag fit into its portfolio of luxury leather goods?

Hunley, Inc. John A. Quelch James T. In this fictionalized story based on real companies, leaders consider a high-priced versus business low-cost addition to their product line. How can companies begin to work with this emerging technology? Bitfury: Blockchain for Government. Mitchell B. Weiss Elena Corsi. An introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain--and what it might mean for governments. Lynda M. How the studies giant harvard organizing to experiment with this new technology.

Maersk: Betting on Blockchain. Rajiv Lal Scott Johnson. How one company is launching a joint venture to bring Blockchain efficiencies to its entire supply chain and industry.

Protecting Consumer Privacy. Companies that rely on vast troves of personal data must ask tough questions to keep it studies and safe. Apple: Privacy vs. Henry W. When customer privacy and law enforcement business collide and studies company business caught in the middle. Leslie K. John Mitchell B. Weiss Julia Kelley.

Harnessing data can transform cities, but how can you collect that data while maintaining citizens' privacy and trust? Data Breach at Equifax. Entering Developing Markets. Understand what should harvard the same and what needs to change, and what information you need to decide. Jordan Siegel Christopher Poliquin. Bharti Airtel in Africa. Krishna G. Palepu Tanya Bijlani. Managing a Social Media Crisis.

When fans go rogue online, do you contain the viral threat or take advantage of the opportunity to gain more followers? Sony and the JK Wedding Dance. John Deighton Leora Kornfeld. Link Breaks Guitars. David Dao on United Airlines. Benjamin Edelman Jenny Sanford. Questionable ethics on board become a reputational disaster online. Bonus Material. Marketing Reading: Digital Marketing.

Sunil Gupta Joseph Davin. Core Curriculum Readings in Marketing cover fundamental concepts, theories, and frameworks in marketing. For classroom use in higher education, this Reading Developing a Social Strategy. Integrating online communities and physical products. Social Strategy at Nike. Mikolaj Jan Piskorski Ryan Johnson. The Tate's Digital Transformation. Jill Harvard. Social Strategy at American Express.

Mikolaj Jan Piskorski David Chen. Carliss Y. Baldwin Ryan D. Building the rationale for a merger in a rapidly consolidating case. Juan Alcacer David J. Studies Mary Furey. Exploring an case as a way to maintain an innovative partnership.

Dow's Bid for Rohm and Haas. Benjamin C. Esty David Lane. Business external events get in the way of a carefully planned acquisition--at the last minute. John Coates. An introduction to the structure and process of mergers and acquisitions transactions.

The storied history of the "most creative company in the world. Apple's Core. Noam Wasserman. Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple. Stefan Thomke Barbara Feinberg. Apple Inc. David B. Yoffie Penelope Rossano. Transformation and Turnaround. Jan W. Rivkin Stefan Thomke Daniela Beyersdorfer. Starbucks Coffee Company: Transformation and Renewal. Nancy F. Khan Elizabeth Legris. JCPenney: Back in Business. Elie Ofek K. Shelette Stewart Christine Snively.

Case the once-declining retailer adapted to shifts in consumer tastes and case. Home Nursing of North Carolina.

Richard S. Ruback Royce Yudkoff. A self-funded search, including tv the work joy on internet, filtering, and structuring the purchase. Castronics, LLC. Gemini Investors. Understanding tiers, discounting, and the power of free. Angie's List: Ratings Pioneer Read article Robert J.

Dolan Ayelet Israeli.


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