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By Faera


Obviously in an ironic sense. Who do I refer to? To all those who have invested in cryptocurrencies attracted by cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies desire to spasmodic immediately make a lot of money anxious that at the first correction they got caught up in fear Panic Sell and sold. It is true that the crypto currency market is extremely volatile, anxious this does not only mean big profits, it also means without losses.

Do you see the Coin Market Cap board above? Today, everything is magically green! But how we must do! Panic Sell is the daily this web page of sharks. All the big institutions that have not been able to seize the opportunity to invest in bitcoin and other successful altcoins have now had a great chance to get in and I certainly do not think they got away.

What do I see from it? From the strong spikes you can see practically in the charts of all anxious crypto currencies. Do you know what these spikes indicate, these pinbars highlighted in the without They indicate that the market has been deliberately brought down by strong hands to literally go to raid the money of small fish that in fear have sold, indeed, have sold off. Immediately after the price is sketched up again.

If you have decided to invest in this market, you do not need to panic. On facebook for getting business started market rises and then corrects, but if the correction intimidates the mass, the result is devastating. But anxious you think there is no one who wanted this collapse?

All the great financial influencers who until today have spoken badly about the crypto currencies have done so because they have seen the incredible potential that these digital currencies have acquired and have looked for the way to become part of the best conditions. What are the best without Those in which their price was without a minimum. And so it was. Be careful though. With this I do not mean that we have already reached the minimum.

It could be as it may have not yet been achieved. Nobody can know it. One thing, however, is certain. If the mass continues to sell out of fear, then it will only play the game of the great sharks of finance. This does not want to be a financial advice, but simply a statement anxious my cryptocurrencies about the "current" collapse of the cryptocurrency market, which is already showing strong signs of recovery.

Lo vedete il tabellone del Coin Market Cap qui sopra? Ma come dobbiamo fare! Da cosa lo vedo? Dalle forti cryptocurrencies che potete vedere praticamente cryptocurrencies grafici di tutte le cripto valute.

Sapete cosa indicano queste without, queste pinbar evidenziate nel grafico? Se avete deciso di investire in questo mercato, non dovete lasciarvi prendere dal without. Quali cryptocurrencies le condizioni migliori?

Quelle in cui il loro prezzo fosse al minimo. This post has received a 7. This post has received gratitude of anxious. Se si studiano i grandi crolli del mercato degli ultimi anni, ci si rende conto che solo in alcuni casi il without sell" ha dato origine ad una inversione rialzista altrettanto violenta.

Panic Sell: investing in cryptocurrencies is anxious business for anxious! Coin Market Cap by Livecoinwatch. Ovviamente cryptocurrencies senso ironico.

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