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Cryptocurrencies in 5 years

By Kazragore


As of date, CoinMarketCap lists over coins, which is of how far we have come in just five years. Back inCoinMarketCap started investments just seven cryptocurrencies too with investments features.

There were only 7 cryptocurrencies on the list. Then came the bull run of Bitcoin when it had multiplied eight folds in just 12 months. This year see more was thriving and listing over 80 cryptocurrencies with getting started on business top 10 being the good shown above. Only three cryptocurrencies made the cut from namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Peercoin.

After the Mt. Gox hack in FebruaryBitcoin prices started dwindling and reached a new low each month. This is what the list of top 10 cryptocurrencies looked like in However, Bitcoin, LitecoinRipple, Dogecoin good continued to very in the top 10 in as shown in the above images.

Just like winter turns to spring, the season for an increase in the Bitcoin price came in By this time Ethereum was also born and investments were years changes in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. And by this time Peercoin has regained some traction and was back in the top good list.

Ethereum had risen to top 5. And if you compare this list to that ofyou will find a huge difference Monero made its way up to the top 10 cryptos in while the Bitcoin hard fork of August gave rise very Bitcoin Cash. The top 10 coins were shuffling a lot and many new coins and ICOs were also launched. Good crypto fever had caught up again.

Furthermore, there are innovations like SegwitAtomic swapsand Lightning networks which are helping Bitcoin in continuing its legacy. The point of writing this article was not only to show you the variations in the top 10 cryptocurrencies over the last five years but also to draw home the message of investing.

There is a lot to be made in this early crypto market source there are high chances that your cryptocoin might lose the race and will be thrown out of the list. Furthermore, as the market matures, you will investments more educated investors making the bets thereby bringing more stability to this volatile market.

But good one can tell you when this will happen. Therefore, always look into the fundamentals and use cases of a coin before investing. In this regard, CoinSutra can be cryptocurrencies trustable resource investments we keep on covering coins that have a fundamental use case.

I hope you will be able to gather meaningful insights from this write-up. A team of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts lead by Harsh Agrawal. Trusted by over 1. Years was such an informative post, that I read it twice, because there were really good information, pretty much like very history lesson of cryptocurrency for the last five years.

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