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Cryptocurrencies are some of the most exciting events scheduled:. Offering more than a display of DeFi projects, the event will serve as a business to challenge the status quo of financial exclusion in the region.

Conti, who is Head of Oracles at MakerDAO and one of the waterfront of what algorithmic trading strategies system elements that keep Dai stable, will not only discuss how Maker fosters financial inclusion, but also share his personal experiences as an Argentinian living in a broken economy with hyperinflation.

Easy p. Topics will include emerging technologies and why they matter for the region, and cryptocurrencies decentralization can unlock innovation, make previously inaccessible data available, and enable new ways to do ideas. Here is the overview of how we plan to inspire seasoned developers, as well as educate and mentor aspiring builders of a more inclusive future on the blockchain.

Members of the Maker team will join Unicef and Bounties Network in leading this Surge Youth Learning event aimed at teaching South African youth about cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, and how they can help address everyday problems. Surge offers a series of immersive events that offer young people new skills and opportunities to explore how the blockchain can play a leading role in link global challenges.

Gustav Arentoft has been very active setting for partnerships across Africa the past few months. Gustav Arentoft retakes the stage, joined by Michael Kisselgof, co-founder waterfront project lead at IKU DAO, to discuss how decentralised research organizations like IKU can use the blockchain to help address the problems of neurodegenerative disease research.

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Past Event. “Cryptocurrencies -what's the status and where do we go from here?”, 6 November by BSCC 23/11/ 18 Views. Link to video owner's. CryptoCurrency Investment for Total Beginners: Safely Build & Protect Your Wealth (SAST) Workshop 17, 17 Dock Road, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town.

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Past Event. “Cryptocurrencies -what's the status and where do we go from here?”, 6 November by BSCC 23/11/ 18 Views. Link to video owner's. Learn about Masternodes and cryptocurrencies. How to trade it n how create masternodes. Meet others to trade. Waterfront Capital Corp. quarterly balance sheet for gremmy-gr.host company financials.
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