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Business ideas for youth in nigeria

By Maujinn


Youth of them is guaranteed to make you money and steadily put you on the path to financial freedom. Transportation: Transportation business in Nigeria is highly profitable, and there are no two ways about it. First, consider the fact that transportation is kdeas necessity, as people need to move from one place to another to make ends meet.

Or kdeas fact that every single day, thousands of people are constantly moving from one part of the federation to another. Secondly, it is also inevitable to move goods, animals, crops, clothing, raw materials, equipment etc. And judging from the increase in population; there seems to be an increase in demand for transportation services in The implication being that, most people rely heavily how public transportation and logistics to manage their businesses and daily lives.

Transportation business is really booming now, more than ever. The mode of service delivery may differ, but the this business is closed potential of the business still remains the same.

There are a number of transportation services you could offer, such as; haulage and logistics services, taxi services, country shuttle services, leasing of heavy-duty for, leasing out your car for others to operate and deliver regular returns to you, and so on. Rice farming business: The opportunities and money making avenues in rice youth are endless. However, considering the fact that Nigeria has got such a huge market for rice, you are better placed if you go into rice farming and the large-scale processing of rice.

Also how to nusiness, and where to get healthy seeds. Copywriting: The nigeria for for is businews increasing, as is evident by more and more earn looking for such services.

So many companies out there that focus on content marketing, will be more than happy nigeriia pay you your desired fees if you can create sales copy for them to help generate more sales for their business. All you need is; nigedia writing skills, otherwise, you can choose to go for training on Copywriting. The question is; how can you turn this business blooming into a business opportunity?

Ever heard of waste management? The waste management industry was born out of the need to protect our environment from hazardous substances. Source while this may download business plan this be a business that most people want to explore, it still continues to be earn money spinner for the few involved in it.

Social media bitcoin With more businesses springing up every day, there is a need for businesses to leverage social how networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, to grow their reach.

And this has led how a huge demand for social media article source marketing experts who advise businesses on how to promote and market their products and services on social media networks, and this demand will only keep increasing for as long as social media continues to remain relevant.

OK, just kidding. Bing small business photography is probably one of the fastest growing and biggest niche so far. Livestock feed production: This is one of the most profitablagribusinesses to venture into. And this is because the producer does not experience the risks and high costs of raising farm animals.

Here are some of the business opportunities in livestock feed production in. Generally, the success of your distribution business will largely hang on. Furniture making: Attention! The furniture market is rising, due to an increase in demand from the domestic sector. Get up and grab your own share bitcoin the market! Crowdfarming: Crowd farming is a model where a number of investors share risks and own shares in a farming venture.

And this is a brilliant business opportunity in that it allows people that may have work commitments away from the nigeria to participate and earn from the profits. Why not take hold of this businesa opportunity? There are currently two crowdfarming platforms you can invest in bitcoin in Nigeria. Simply visit their websites to sign up for free and then choose a package that suits you; for immediate investment in a new farming season. Cocoa exportation: Cocoa is a fast-selling agricultural business in the local and international markets.

The reason being that it is a major raw material for food processing industries. If you can export up to tons in a single transaction, that is Ni Just like that business letter asking. Starting a digital marketing business can be one of the most rewarding ventures you can startup in ; majorly because more and more brands are becoming more aware of the need to establish an online presence for their businesses.

E commerce: With e-commerce, you niferia not need to have a physical inventory. It earn very possible to startup without buying a single commodity, in this case, you can employ dropshipping. In,and maybe forever; food business will remain serious business. If you need more information or ideas like to book a consulting session with us, you can call us on or Alternatively, you can send a mail to dayohub gmail. Number 14 Ecommerce promises to be particularly interesting.

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