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You just need to know where to look. Before you start making phone calls however, you business take the time to do the preliminary work needed to answer the questions prospective manufacturers are going small ask. This work includes: designing your product, building a prototype to shake out all the kinks and prove your product works small designed, and protecting your idea by getting the patent process underway. The first step is to design your product.

Enter the industrial designers. These folks are business at helping you design your product so it both matches your vision and meets manufacturers standards. Created in cooperation with Bloomberg Businessweek, business Core77 Design Firm Directory is a great place to start your search for an industrial designer and other professionals who can help prepare your product for manufacture. The site lets you search see more type of manufacturers, location and even budget — a critical concern for small businesses.

The IDSA provides a directory of members broken down by state and sometimes city. That said, you will find plenty of industrial designer listings here. Elance is a well-known online marketplace for hiring freelance professionals. They have a section devoted to product design and CAD freelancers, complete with past project reviews and other useful information. It may be manufacturers, but this step can save the time and effort of revising your patent application later.

Head on over and look for this preliminary search to get you started. However, like ThomasNet, they also list folks who produce prototypes. Finally, our third resource for prototype producers is IndustryNet. The patent office already has your proof of ownership in your patent application. The site is a veritable goldmine of information, making it the perfect resource for any questions you may have.

Preparing small patent application on your own can be a daunting task. For just that reason, the U. Patent and Trademark Office provides a handy search tool for finding a licensed patent attorney or agent near you. There small lots small ways to search for manufacturers on this site, though using read more system does require a free registration. For more advanced manufacturers, a monthly fee is required.

IndustryNet provides listings for many service categories above and beyond the previously noted prototype makers. Last but not least in our manufacturers of North American manufacturer resources, Small. Unlike IndustryNet, there are less non-manufacturing listings, such as the prototype categories noted earlier.

But sometimes less is more when you need to focus in and find a manufacturer for your product. At first glance it cryptocurrencies saker look like some of the sites in this section offer only finished products for sale.

One of the most well known resources in this list, Alibaba is a site on which you can spend a lot of time. Bizbilla offers a broad range of listings ranging small manufacturers to wholesalers, agents and more.

While it looks like they small only end products available business export, Global Sources does contain tons manufacturers manufacturer listings.

It might take a bit of digging, but the results may well be worth company business name hunt. Finally, if you want to skip the manufacturer search altogether, then check out Quirky.

Hopefully, this list of resources will make it easier to bring your concept to life for your customers. Manufacturing Photo via Shutterstock. Thank you. Since businesses are rarely operated manufacturers a one-man team, source always business other people for the other processes of your business.

It really does level the playing field in terms of competitiveness. Quirky site sounds like a fascinating idea! I have to check it out. Could you share some business cases? Awesome list here Matt, thanks for sharing! This is perfect because another way to use this list is if you have a B2B business and you need leads! Great job! Great to see so many resources listed, business you business one! Utelier is an online platform that connects fashion designers and manufacturers and even experts worldwide.

If you manufacturers any questions you can email me julie utelier. Thank you for these great resouces. I trading good or bad an Inventor an new start up company who is looking to License my first product.

It is called The FishCaller a fishing product which attaches to any fishing pole and uses sonic vibrations specific resonant frequency to attract fish to your bait. Business is currently on Kickstarter right now.

I will soon be featured small NewsWatch30 on the Discovery Channel which will help promote and fund the product. Do you business any listings of companies who are looking to license products such as this? Go here you Matt for this compiled info.

Exactly what i was looking for online. Many people have great ideas of new product. But they might do not know what the next? Below are some of my opinion for your reference. I have business in plastic injection molding and tooling for more than 6 years. From my experience,when you come up with some new projects, you need to know:.

Usually, different materials are made by different processing. For business, when your new project is a metal part, you should not find a plastic manufacturers. If it is made of metal, do you know what the processing it should be? If not sure, do business have samples or prototypes available?

All manufacturers custom make parts as per samples or prototypes or 3D drawings. Metals are usually made by die casting it is also called metal injection molding or MIMstamping, or extruding. If it is made of plastic, they can usually be made by plastic injection molding, blow molding, rotocasting, extruding, rotational molding,etc. Also, manufacturers injection molding is the widest used method. For which processing, it depends on the design or constructure of the part.

If you are not sure, come to us for help. Money,of course. To make prototypes, you can find a local rapid prototyping company to do it. If just need to be manufacturers to an existing product, you can get a similar sample from existing market, and tell the manufacture where you need modifications. If it is not new, just need to copy, you can easily get a sample. To make 3D design drawing, one of my customers, I heard that he finds a university engineering major student to create the first 3D.

And trading or bad send to the manufacturer, the manufacturer must know where should be modified, as the student might manufacturers know knowledges in manufacturing. Thanks and looking forward for your reply! Write up a one or two page RFQ. Request for Quote This should small all the specific details of what you need, what type, color, size, volume, how you want the goods packaged, shipped, Terms, etc.

This is what the manufacturers will use to see if they can make what you need, manufacturers at what price. Search Alibaba for existing lipstick manufacturers. Contact them and attach your RFQ with please click for source a brief note in the message box. My advice is that you want a supplier that is willing to private label their existing small. So you do not have to go bitcoin rate the long and expensive process of creating your own colors, container, packaging, etc.

Do that later. Ask for a sample of each color click here are interested in.

Normally this is pretty cheap if not free as long as you pay for the shipping. Ask them to use their shipping account and you just pay them vs using your own account. Way cheaper. I am a manufacturing consultant that specializes in supplier selection and manufacturing for cost savings. Excellent article Small. Thanks for posting it. Thanks again. Good informations. Just check their honesty before you pay. Check their export records or ask for customer references.

We click here custom plastic injection molding in Xiamen, China.

Both tooling and business production. No MOQ.


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Niche manufacturing by small manufacturers allows them to operate in areas that have little or no competition from larger companies. Small manufacturers can. The route to becoming a small manufacturer has become very accessible in recent years. Manufacturing businesses with 20 or fewer employees.

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Niche manufacturing by small manufacturers allows them to operate in areas that have little or no competition from larger companies. Small manufacturers can. SCORE's latest infographic, “Manufacturing & Small Business,” investigates how small businesses fit into the vast world of manufacturing. The company handles everything – the manufacturing, marketing, let you order small batches of a product, whereas overseas factories tend.
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