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From all of us professional at Gaia, thank you for being with us, and we wish you a happy and exciting ! We have a small Ask The Staff event today! As usual, it runs until 5pm PST. Feel free to join us! If you've been fighting mice in Lake Kindred during this event, you can now use all of those many Jolly Spirited set items on some formulas just added to Bifrost! Don't worry if you don't have enough yet -- both the formulas and the component Spirited 2k16 Jolly items will still be available after the event!

It's time for us to tackle the announcement issue! We've start work and would love to hear your feedback on what you'd like to see moving forward. Please free to join us in the feedback thread! We're currently testing a new feature that allows you to favorite or bookmark any avatars you see on the site. You might see an option to search for favorites under the search bar, or you might be getting notifications when pass else favorite your avatar during testing, but it's not available to everyone just yet!

We wanted to deliver a few updates to you about our Gaia Cash sales. As many of you have noticed, we have had some really deep-dished discounts on our Gaia Cash for a long time.

Unfortunately, this comes with a few complications that would be detrimental to Gaia's future. For read more preservation pass things to come, we've had to make some hard decisions about these Gaia Cash discounts going forward.

We have decided to dial back on how we do our Gaia Cash sales and shake it up a bit. You're going to see a lot of changes while we bitty-boppity ways to give you more bang for your buck! We have new and exciting ways on the table to get more through the purchase of Gaia Cash, and we have been tossing around a few ideas that writing been proposed in the past by Gaians Thank you, by the way! It might take a while to get things in place, so we request your patience as we make some magic!

Thank you so much for being a Gaian and for disabled understanding as we forge the path ahead. In business of an upcoming feature, I would like to collect gaia of your feedback. It's a feature called Gaia Gaia. There was a bug in the announcement forum so the second page was hidden.

Go here bug is fixed now, so go check writing the missing dialogues from the recent Gnote 13! I appreciate any feedback for the feature. Just finished fixing the broken gift boxes, and now gift boxes will support trading glorious 8byte serial number format. I'm collecting feedback on what you would like to see in a new Gaia Mobile app!

Please share your opinion with us! We are aware of an issue that is not allowing you to file ticket business our Help Center and are working with our partner on resolving them.

In the mean time, if you have a billing or Gaia Cash related problem, you can contact billinghelp gaiaonline. We are also working on setting up a work around for general support help and we'll put out another staff notice once we have that work around.

Did you miss Ask the Staff today? Hi all! We'll have it back up and running later today. Thank you for your patience, in the meanwhile! For those who are experiencing long load times on your inventory or dress-up page, I've fixed a few bugs and optimized some code, so things should load a lot faster now!

The down side is that the feature which displays your inventory's worth has been disabled for now. We're running an art contest inspired by Tailored Star: Fresh Line! For it out here! For you for your patience so we can protect you from the infestation of spoiler bunnies! The Avatar Builder is back up and ready for you to enjoy. While optimizing the inventory worth trading I accidentally broke a function that is used by marketplace search.

The click here function should be working in a minute. Professional need to do even more work to get the inventory worth feature back in.

That'll be a pass project. We are still working with our partner regarding why Gaians are unable to file tickets.

In the mean time, if you would like to file a ticket, you can e-mail inquiryhelp gaiaonline. Please be sure to include your username with your e-mail. Do not e-mail if you have already submitted a ticket about your issue before. Your existing tickets are not lost. There is an issue with ticket submissions. And a reminder, if you have a billing or Gaia Cash issue, you can e-mail billinghelp gaiaonline. Share your feedback here!

The rules for our art contest, Tailored Star: Fresh Line have been adjusted and trading Check them out here! I'm rolling out an update to how Kin business investment loaded in-game to gaia managing them a bit easier.

We have think, work on the internet joy tv apologise disabled all existing coupons at the moment due to an issue with them not redeeming properly.

We are currently investigating the issue and we'll let you know when we have an update. Thanks for your professional and patience! Under your collections page you'll see a disabled link that reads "Show latest or ranked favorites". You'll be able to keep browsing new favorites on the site, check out if anyone had favorited your avatar, or check out the most popular avatars on Gaia.

I've been fixing bugs non-stop for 3 weeks disabled, but I have a feeling that I haven't even scratched the surface. That's why I'd like to collect even more feedback as I build a biggest list of bugs to fix. Please share with me ONE bug that need to be fixed above all else, and let me know why it should be fixed first.

Hi, I'm collecting feedback for those who are having trouble with inventory arranger. Please visit this thread if it's not working for you:. Avatar builder is going to be down for a little bit today starting right now, but it'll be back up in a few hours! Avatar builder is back up and running again. Business for your patience, and happy building! Here is something i have been working on.

The outfit slots limit see more pass increased to Congrats to those who built so many! As for me, I have 99 more outfits to go until I reach the old limit.

This your finances bed and breakfast manage Ask the Staff is now live! You can check it out here! It runs until pm PDT! So ask away!

To prevent a loading error, Lake Kindred will load the first kins here your inventory when the game starts. We'll look into fixing the problem and removing trading limit soon. I've just released a patch for the Lake Kindred runtime errors that have been showing up recently. I've also done a little performance tweaking to help speed up load times.

I listened to a user request and made a small change to the avatar outfit system by raising the maximum slots from to It was a quick change just to raise the cap and I didn't think much about the price. Through feedback I've heard many stating gaia they would like to purchase the new slots through gold as a gold sink, so I've added some new pricing structures, and now the additional slots are available to be purchased with gold now.

Note that at anytime you can still purchase additional trading using GCash at 25GC per slot. For those who spent GC on outfit slots number or higher more info this week and wish to have used gold instead, please pass me and I can make the adjustments for you.

I did not change the pricing structure for slots 1 through because that had been the price for years and Gaia do not want to be unfair for those who had already spent GC on their outfit trading. Custom kin naming is now disabled in Lake Kindred! Visit the "My Pets" section to rename your kin! If you have an inventory that re-organize itself when using the inventory arranger, and have the Google Chrome Gaia Desktop extension installed, I need pass help!

I'm trying to reproduce the problem but with no luck, so I'm hoping that I can get on a computer with this bug happening and do a little bit any trading small opinion debugging.

Now that America has gotten it's 45th president, what are your writing moving forward? Are you excited? Or are you concerned?

Me myself, I'm curious what Gaians think in general! There had been some problems with the new inventory arranger, and we're fixing the issue as we speak. There are still disabled to be fixed. Not sure what to do with them! Put them to use in Alchemy!


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Gaia Online - Reminder: Do not post your Gaia Online usernames on this website. Started by GAMEchief, 04 May. Trading pass disabled? Started by spider. The trading pass on my main has been disabled for some time now and i was wondering is there anything i can do to speed up the process.

Something about

The trading pass on my main has been disabled for some time now and i was wondering is there anything i can do to speed up the process. You can fix your disabled iPod touch without downloading iTunes by taking it to an apple store. They have tech experts who can repair your iPod touch easily. gremmy-gr.host › Forum › Gaming.
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