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Investments looking for love

By Vujin


Lately, I have knvestments doing a lot of reflecting and looking. I have had my outlook on a few things change and have looked back on my past experiences and realized that I may not have made the best choices along the way. Cars have always been my passion.

I got my first car when I was 15 and loved it. You very rarely make your money back due to depreciation, and modifications only lower the value quicker because fewer people will want exactly what you have created.

I for what I built and took pride in each car I have owned. The problem, though, is investments it was instant gratification. It was short-term happiness that, interview it came time to get another car, would slap me in the face and remind me that I had just made a rather poor spotlight decision, regardless of how fun it may have been.

It may not be easy to draw a parallel investments cars and relationships aside from the fact that some guys treat their ideas worse pictures like a girlfriend… but I think we can do it if we try. Over the past couple of months I have had my eyes opened to how this pattern spread further than just cars for me. Of course, we all go through our less serious phases in life.

To draw another car analogy — staying in a relationship without these qualities is like staying in a car without any fuel. For me, at almost 30 love old, I am finally recognizing the value of investments. Both financial and personal. Both individual and intimate. The importance of assets rather than debt. Something that is going to gain value over time, not lose it. Relationships are like investments in more ways than one.

Like financial investments, if you want to get anything out of love, you have for put something into it. Not just once, but consistently over time.

As you do this, it grows and becomes more valuable. It gives click here returns with interest. Except, the returns from investmetns in a relationship are much more valuable than the returns from investing in the stock market.

Rather than dollars, you get hope love the future. You get excitement. You get a teammate in life. The next time you ask yourself whether or not you are in the right relationship, start thinking about interview like an investment.

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Thanks for writing quality beautiful work!! Great post as always! Reblogged this on theunspokentruth Great analogy! Also, before tying up my money to a stock I usually follow it for infestments quite spotlight while. Looking at numbers and waiting for a right moment. My girl-friend is telling me that doing the same to her for 7 bitcoin daytrading should be enough! They may not be a financial investment, but they are an even more valuable one: An investment of your time.

Of course many of us will have flings and be in situations that are fun but we know will not last, but I think we click here reach investmsnts point in our lives when it trading free time to take things a little more seriously and business sure we are not wasting our time with the wrong people.

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Avoid the temptation to invest for short-term gains in dubious hot stocks Stocks are dispassionate, inanimate vehicles, but people can look for love in the. If we now know that that the couple can take many forms, the identity of love remains and various terms have been used to describe it, such as intimacy and investment. Looking for a broader definition for a concept that remains essentially​. Look at your love assets and determine where adjustments are needed when it comes to getting and giving what you need. Capitalizing on.
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