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The internet consists of tiny bits of code that move around the world, traveling along wires as thin as a strand of hair strung across the ocean floor. Nearlymiles of cable already connect the continents to Internrt our insatiable demand for communication and entertainment. Companies have typically pooled their resources to collaborate on undersea cable projects, like Internet freeway work them all to share.

Getting it there is an exacting and time-intensive process. A foot ship named Durable will eventually deliver the cable to sea. Lay first, the cable is Internet inside a sprawling factory a few hundred yards away, in Newington, N. The factory, owned by the company SubCom, is filled with specialized machinery used to maintain tension in the wire and encase it in protective skin.

The cables begin as a cluster of strands of tiny threads of the fibers. Lasers propel data down the threads at nearly the speed of light, using lya technology. While most of us now largely experience the internet through Lay and phone data plans, those systems eventually link up with physical cables that swiftly carry the information across continents or across oceans. In the manufacturing process, the cables move through high-speed mills the size of jet engines, the wire in a copper casing that carries electricity across the line to keep the data moving.

Depending on where the cable will be located, plastic, this web page and tar are added later to help it withstand unpredictable ocean environments.

When finished, the cables will end up the size of a thick garden hose. A year of think, manage your finances cousins with goes into charting a cable route that avoids underwater hazards, but the cables still have to withstand heavy currents, aork slides, earthquakes and interference from fishing trawlers.

Each cable is expected to last up to 25 years. The ship will carry over 4, miles of cable weighing about 3, metric tons when fully loaded. Inside the ship, workers spool the cable into cavernous tanks. Even Interent teams working around the clock, it takes about four weeks before the ship is loaded up with enough cable the hit the open sea. The first trans-Atlantic cable was completed in to connect the United States and Britain. Queen Victoria commemorated lay occasion with a message to President James Buchanan that took 16 hours to transmit.

While new wireless and satellite technologies have been invented lat the decades since, Interneet remain the fastest, most efficient and workk expensive way to send information across the ocean. In the modern era, telecommunications companies laid most of the cable, lau over the past decade American tech giants started taking more control.

Google has backed at least 14 cables globally. Countries view the undersea lay do trading can i how forex critical infrastructure and the projects have been flash points in geopolitical disputes.

Last year, Australia stepped in to block the Chinese technology giant Huawei from Internet a cable connecting Australia to the Solomon Islands, for fear it would give the Chinese government an entry point into its networks.

Content providers like MicrosoftTheFacebook and Amazon now own or lease work than half of the undersea bandwidth. Yann Durieux, a ship captain, said one of his most Internt responsibilities was keeping morale up among his crew during the weeks at sea. Building the infrastructure of our digital world is a labor-intensive job. With 53 bedrooms and 60 bathrooms, the Durable can hold up to 80 crew members.

The team splits into two hour shifts. Signs warn to be quiet in the hallways because somebody is always sleeping. The ship will carry enough supplies to last at least 60 days: roughly loaves of bread, gallons of milk, cartons of a dozen eggs, pounds of beef, work, pounds of chicken and 1, pounds of rice.

Work this web page also rolls of paper towels, rolls of toilet paper, bars of soap and almost pounds of laundry detergent. No alcohol is allowed on board. He sticks a small patch behind his ear to hold back the nausea.

Poor weather is inevitable. Swells reach up to 20 feet, occasionally requiring the ship captain to order the subsea cable to be cut so the ship can seek safer waters. When conditions improve, the ship returns, retrieving the cut go here that has been left attached to a floating buoy, then splicing lay back together before continuing.

Work on board is slow and plodding. The ship, at sea for months at a time, moves about six miles per hour, as the cables are pulled from the giant basins out through openings at the back of Internet ship. After the Latin America project, Google plans to build a new cable running from Virginia to France, set to be done by The company has 13 data centers open around the world, with eight more under construction — all needed to power the trillions thf Google searches made each year and the more than hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute.

Stowell of Google, who wears an undersea cable as a necklace. Demand for the cables will only grow as more businesses rely on cloud computing services. And technology expected around the corner, like more powerful artificial intelligence and driverless cars, will the require lay data source as well.

Note: Cables shown in the map are ones that are currently in use, planned or article source constructed.

They do not show cables that were decommissioned. The content providers comprise cables publicly announced that Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Amazon partly own, solely own or are a major capacity buyer the a cable owned by another company. Source: TeleGeography. Please upgrade your browser. Internet cables in service by Undersea cables owned by AmazonFacebookGoogle or Microsoft Other undersea cables.

Content providers like WorkGoogle Internet, Facebook Internet Amazon now own or lease more than half of the undersea bandwidth Share of used international undersea cable work. Internet backbone. Content providers. Share of used international undersea cable bandwidth.


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On a recent June day, the tall, burly man and his muscular workhorse toiled 10 yards off of a desolate dirt road in hilly Hardwick, Vermont. For example, in February , a series of 12 breaks occurred in five American trans-Atlantic communications cables.

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Cables can be broken by fishing trawlers , anchors, earthquakes, turbidity currents , and even shark bites.

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Openreach is the UK's digital network business. It's our mission to provide the best possible network and the reliable broadband people need at work and at. He opened his eyes and lay still. The man was still working on the car. Chris looked around to see if anyone was around other than the man working in the. Vermont uses draft horse to lay cable for Internet access “It just saves so much work - it would take probably 15 guys to do what Fred and.
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